Gincor Industries Dump Boxes

gincorAt Cambrian Truck Centre, we has chosen Gincor Industries as our preferred dump box specialists for our vocational trucks. The biggest reason we have made this move is the difference that Gincor brings to their manufacturing process.


The proof is in a proven track record, and we’re proud to say we have a great track record of exceeding expectations and raising the bar by consistently striving for improvements and enhancements that pay off for our end users. Here’s some examples, of the GINCOR difference:

70 Ton Hinge:

We offer unique options. For example we provide a 70 ton hinge, whereas our competitors use the Bibeau 50 ton hinge. The 70 ton is exclusively GINCOR’s design; only we can offer this.

Tarp System:

We have developed our own version of an air tarp system, refined and improved over the last 20 years. Most competitors simply utilize an off-the shelf, assembly line built tarp system, not suitable for the rigors of our Northern climate.

Quick Release Air Tarp Cylinders:

GINCOR adds quick release to our air cylinders for a superior reaction time. We can also control the roll-out speed, resulting in a smoother operation. In addition, this prevents the exhaust air from flowing back into the cab, eliminating blowing dust. Noise reduction in the cab is another benefit of the quick release air tarp cylinders.

In-Cab Pedestal Stand for Controls:

The design, as well as fit and finish, of the aluminum in-cab pedestal stand has been very well received.


Cab Shield:

Competitors utilize the Bibeau cab shield, which is always provided double-notched despite the fact that most trucks are equipped with only one exhaust stack. We take the time to notch the cab shield on a custom basis – so you get what you need, either a single OR double notch. In addition, the notching is smaller and more concise. Furthermore, the Gin-Cor cab shield is equipped with superior reinforcement versus our competitors.

Sandblasting to Bare Metal:

We learned a long time ago that when brand new dump bodies are first sandblasted right down to bare metal and then painted to OUR precise standards, there is far lasting value. Gin-Cor utilizes a high quality epoxy primer with a polyurethane top coat before the body is installed on the truck. Our competitors generally don’t take the time or effort to add this extra step. However, from our stand-point, we do know it means you get a longer lasting, cosmetically appealing product that will outlast all others.

Colour Coded Air Lines:

We use a colour-coding system for all of our air distribution lines. The result is less time trouble-shooting, and quicker response time to change parts.

Spreader Chain Location:

This is another minor yet important detail, that provides a positive impact. We strategically locate our tailgate spreader chains so that they don’t rub and wear off the paint from your tailgate. We’re the originator on this one, and the rest are imitators. And since imitation is a form of flattery, you may see one or two of our competitors catching on to this one.

Tow Plate:

Simply put, our tow plate is designed and manufactured to be one of the strongest in the industry. We have the specs to prove it.

24/7 Support Line:

It’s a busier world than ever, so we make it easy for you to connect. Our 24 hour support line is ready to handle service and parts inquiries, or calls for product information.

Picture and Information Files:

Good information makes for good service! We keep picture files of all completed units for later reference. This includes a database of all major component part numbers, allowing for reference or after-service to be quicker and easier.


Multiple Stage Inspection Process:

Multiple inspection sheets are filled out at various stages of each build, ensuring consistency and quality. Of course, we complete what is arguably the industry’s most thorough final inspection process after each unit is completed.


Few things are more frustrating than wanting to dig into details, and not being able to do so. We’ve got you covered on this one – we maintain schematics for virtually all of our systems, and of course they’re available to customers upon request.


We strive to meet whatever your unique needs are. GINCOR is willing to meet, discuss, and customize to your vision as closely as possible. We dig deeper too, finding out WHY you need to customize, and sometimes we can offer other custom solutions you may not have even considered. But of course, it all starts by listening to YOU.

Our sales staff can help you with any question you have regarding Gincor products at (705) 560-8661 or you can check out Gincor’s website here.